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This definition is part of our Essential Guide: Guide to implementing digital asset management systems and strategies Share this item with your network: Metadata is data that describes other data. Meta is a prefix that in most information technology usages means “an underlying definition or description. For example, author, date created and date modified and file size are examples of very basic document metadata. Having the abilty to filter through that metadata makes it much easier for someone to locate a specific document. In addition to document files, metadata is used for images, videos, spreadsheets and web pages. The use of metadata on web pages can be very important. These are usually expressed in the form of metatags. Since then search engines have reduced their reliance on metatags, though they are still factored in when indexing pages.

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These are based on efficient FFT algorithms and frequency domain equalization, resulting in a lower number of multiplications per second. They also make it possible to control the bandwidth and form the spectrum in a flexible way. However, they require advanced dynamic channel allocation and adaptive traffic scheduling. IFDMA provides less power fluctuation and thus requires energy-inefficient linear amplifiers.

These access schemes offer the same efficiencies as older technologies like CDMA. Apart from this, scalability and higher data rates can be achieved.

Most acronyms are the first letter of each word in the phrase capitalized. This list is alphabetized for your convenience. You can search this dating acronyms list and website for a particular word or search the full text to find every reference of the acronym, word and/or phrase.

Recursive acronyms , in which the abbreviation refers to itself GNU: Wine is not an emulator originally, Windows emulator These may go through multiple layers before the self-reference is found: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Acronymy, like retronymy , is a linguistic process that has existed throughout history but for which there was little to no naming , conscious attention, or systematic analysis until relatively recent times.

Like retronymy, it became much more common in the 20th century than it had formerly been.

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The program consists of three courses—AINS Either of the latter two can be substituted with a listed elective. The Institutes suggests a completion time of four to seven weeks for each segment. It forces you to continue studying versus putting it on the back burner. A little additional effort and momentum goes a long way.

Personal Insurance, which not only allowed me to focus on my desired niche, commercial insurance, but also allowed me to gain a head start toward earning my Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter CPCU designation, which I plan to complete by the end of the calendar year.

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Management[ edit ] Azure Automation, provides a way for users to automate the manual, long-running, error-prone, and frequently repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud and enterprise environment. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks and even schedules them to be automatically performed at regular intervals.

You can automate processes using runbooks or automate configuration management using Desired State Configuration. Microsoft has announced an additional 12 regions to be opened soon as of October Where a location represents the city or area of the Azure Region. Each Azure Region is paired with another region within the same geography; this makes them a regional pair. In this example, Amsterdam and Dublin are the locations which form the regional-pair.

In August , Toyota Tsusho began a partnership with Microsoft to create fish farming tools using the Microsoft Azure application suite for IoT technologies related to water management. Developed in part by researchers from Kindai University , the water pump mechanisms use artificial intelligence to count the number of fish on a conveyor belt , analyze the number of fish, and deduce the effectiveness of water flow from the data the fish provide.

Microsoft Azure has been described as a “cloud layer” on top of a number of Windows Server systems, which use Windows Server and a customized version of Hyper-V , known as the Microsoft Azure Hypervisor to provide virtualization of services. Microsoft also provides a client-side managed class library that encapsulates the functions of interacting with the services.

More advanced Azure management services are available. The Azure Resource Manager, introduced in , [36] enables users to create groups of related services so that closely coupled resources can be deployed, managed, and monitored together.

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To view your benefits, please visit mybenefits. We know there are so many loyal fans who have used AIM for decades, and we loved working and building the first chat app of its kind since Our focus will always be on providing the kind of innovative experiences consumers want.

The popularity of abbreviations and acronyms in personal ads developed as a byproduct of newspapers charging customers per letter.

They must be a 2-dimensional representation of the product. There should be minimal text on the image. Text must be legible and easily understandable to the average customer If the image contains a border, the border must be evenly distributed The creative design should be clean and simple The headline is clear, concise and accurate The book title and images are in a high resolution Aspect ratio for Kindle E-reader and Fire Tablet: Capitalization is only acceptable where the book cover or title on the detail page is formatted in the same way, or the word is a well-known abbreviation such as DIY do it yourself or YA young adult.

Additionally, Title, Headline, and Custom Text: Examples of claims, awards, or accolades which require substantiation include bestselling books, bestselling series, bestselling author, award-winning book, and award-winning author. Amazon Customer Reviews are acceptable, only if it is clear in the ad that it is an Amazon Customer Review and the review is contained in the book description or editorial review section on the detail page.

Unpaid third-party editorial reviews are acceptable if they are attributed to the original source. Does not contain third-party customer reviews, star ratings or rating scores. Headline and custom text that mentions the name Amazon must comply with Brand Usage Guidelines and does not include the Amazon logo Foreign Language All language in the ad Book titles and Custom text , must match the language of the main Amazon site. Ad Copy or Book Title must clearly state if the book is not in the language of the main Amazon site.

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You can use your Broweser’s Find function to locate a specific term. Ensures that the API function is called even if the object that makes the call has a member function of the same name. Second generation 2G wireless data networks in Japan deliver datarates up to 9.

The comprehensive list of Dating acronyms and abbreviations by All Acronyms dictionary.

A tool used by Air Traffic Management Specialists to monitor air traffic demand at airports. Recently, general aviation customers have requested the use of this reroute capability. This change permits general aviation customers to communicate to Air Traffic Control ATC facilities their ability and willingness to accept CDRs and their capability to accept abbreviated clearances associated with CDRs.

The most common reason for a reduction in acceptance rate is adverse weather such as low ceilings and visibility. These ECDTs are calculated in such a way as to meter the rate that traffic arrives at the affected airport; ensuring that demand is equal to acceptance rate. The length of delays that result from the implementation of a Ground Delay Program is a factor of two things; how much greater than the acceptance rate the original demand was, and for what length of time the original demand was expected to exceed the acceptance rate.

Ground Stops are implemented for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are:

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These stores bring in a ton of foot traffic into your vicinity, which opens up more opportunities for your business to get discovered. AR brings computer-generated objects into the real world — kind of like how in the movie Space Jam, Michael Jordan can be seen playing basketball with Looney Tunes characters. Topshop teamed up with AR Door to create a virtual fitting room for its Moscow location. Using augmented reality technology and Microsoft Kinect, they were able to create a fitting room simulator that allowed the customer to see how a dress looks on her without actually trying it on.

Big Box Store Its name pretty much says it all. Big Data This refers to sets of data so massive, it would take sophisticated programs and really smart data scientists to make sense of it all.

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